How to share your wisdom with the world more powerfully w/Krystal Hille

March 08, 2022 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 6 Episode 62
How to share your wisdom with the world more powerfully w/Krystal Hille
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✨ “Brands: Expression” 💫— Krystal Hille

Want to become an international best-selling author so that your passion can ignite global change and enhance your authority and reach? 

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We are also going deep into the importance of 

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Ready for brandstories get inspired and learn from thought leaders, CEOs, business owners, and managers who tell their brand stories who share their valuable insights from their own experience. Welcome to brandstalk. I'm your host Brigitte. For brand loers this show is to help you develop and grow your brand in a more strategic and sustainable way. Walk the Talk. Let's get started and dive with me into the world of brands. My guest today is Krystal Hill. She is the founder and CEO of Hill House Publishing as sold leadership coach and an international number one best selling author. She's passionate about gathering changemakers and conscious creatives who are aligned with her mission to awaken and empower humanity into deeper sovereignty and connection. She helps them to step deeper into their zone of flow and claim the essence of their leadership. So their passion can ignite global change, enhance their authority and reach through the vehicle of multi author books. With 30 years in leadership, a background in theatre directing ancient tantric practices and female empowerment crystal is a vinner after Korea brains Global Business Award 2021 and host of the soul leadership podcast. I want to welcome crystal Hill. Welcome to brain stock. Thank you so much for having me, Bridget. It's just an honour to be here. I'm also very happy that you are my guest today, Krystal. And we have something in common. We both speak German. It's my native. I don't know whether it's your native language, as well. Yes. Yeah. So that's what we have in common. But you Yeah, immigrated to the to Australia. And you are living there now. So could you tell us a little bit about your background and your journey that brought you to Australia and what you're doing right now? Absolutely. So I grew up in Germany, as we said, I was the daughter of a mitchard minister, and being put into that position of being the good girl. And freedom was one of my really strong values. And I was always I knew I was a leader. I knew I wanted freedom. So there was a lot of conflict between those two things, you know, being the good girl wanting freedom wanting to explore. So after school, I moved to England. And in also travelled in my 20s. I travelled to, to India, Pakistan, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, I had a I also went to the States for a semester, I was studying English and theatre studies. And I was in Caracas, and then had a bohemian theatre life in New York for a summer which was absolutely amazing. I then became a theatre director in England, I was working with the Royal Shakespeare Company in their Education Outreach Programme, I was touring with opera companies. And it was really, it was a really beautiful life. And I thought that what I was going to do for the rest of my life, even though, as a teenager, I'd always known that I was here to help people, there was this knowing. And it just, you know, I thought I just got into study psychology, but I just wasn't ready. Like I needed to gain some life experience first, by the age of 31, or the universe had taken away all of the, the busyness of my Korea, so that I needed to focus on my relationship. And so and then I realised I needed to actually it wasn't working, I had married for safety, because that's a was such an important thing. And I wasn't aware of that at the time. But then I listened. And the universe gave me some very strong messages that I had to leave that relationship or that marriage. So by the by 31, I was divorced, and was asking what now I gave myself a year to get back into theatre and I thought, Oh, it's just gonna come back because I've now done what I needed to do. But that didn't happen. I was like, okay, so universe, I've always been extremely spiritual and CO creating and be tuning in. And I was asking the universe where to now where am I meant to be? You know, England is expensive. It's cold. I felt contracted it was and and so then I had dreams and synchronicities and everything pointed to Australia. And that's how I said, Okay, I'll go I'll book a flight and I'll just check it out. And within a week, I knew that this was my sole home that I needed to be here for that next journey of my own evolution. And one thing led to another and I got a permanent residency. And then I discovered coaching in 2008. And I finally realised, you know, at the age of however old I was, in my early 30s, or mid 30s, I just then it's like, okay, this is this is how I'm going to help people. This is how I'm going to fulfil that inner knowing that I've had all my life. So I studied coaching, NLP, timeline therapy, and I started really helping women to come on a journey to find their own empowerment, because that had been my journey. You know, I've been knowing that I'm a leader, but feeling deeply shy. And in that being moulded into that role of the the good girl, I was often fighting this inner battle within myself, and to to really claim that leadership and I'd been trying to achieve it in the only way I knew, which was through pushing and through, pushing myself and pushing my body and moving into what I call the wounded masculine, you know, doing it the old patriarchal way, and trying to be that and it just didn't work for me. And so when I then discovered my divine feminine essence, and coming into more flow and more alignment with who I truly am, that's when things opened up. And when I came more into my body, and so that's what I wanted to teach and pass on to the, to my female clients. I then later, as you mentioned, in the bio abroad, tantra into this, which is a beautiful way of connecting with self and connecting with others in an authentic way. I started running workshops, and events all around Australia, and started speaking, tantra festivals. And then COVID hit. And what I realised is, you know, when in branding, you always say stay in your lane, you need to stay in your lane and speak, you know your message, I didn't want to talk about authentic connection. And I was like, this is really interesting. I wanted to talk about leadership, I wanted to talk about the heart centre leader stepping up and really showing up in this time of great change that we're in right now to show an alternative to show a message to tuning into ourselves so that we can really feel what is my truth in all of this? Where do I need to be. And so that's what I wanted to talk about that. So as I rebranded my business, recreated my website, and started really working with these heart centred leaders who knew they were here to show up in this world in a really big way, just like I knew for myself, and to help them gain that inner trust that inner confidence by releasing what I really call the, you know, that fear of persecution that that, that potentially even the memory of having been burned at the stake in past lives, because that has been very much part of my lot, my journey as well to tapping into all of the different lives, and how is that informing this life. So that was the work and then and then I had another divorce or another separation, late 2020. And I wasn't in a way I was in no way ready to hold space for the the problems or the challenges that others are going through. And then publishing came. So exactly a year ago, I decided that publishing of multi author books was a way to bring those conscious leaders together and to help them claim their message in a deeper way, by giving them that external validation of being an international best selling author, but also by helping them to by having to write a chapter to really get clear on their messaging. So that's, that's what I'm doing now. And I'm really happy and excited that in next week, we're launching our third book. Oh, wow. That's great. So it's a very, very impressive story. And very much can resonate with you the way of Yeah, how you stepped into your power being always the good girl. And then also, you're claiming your leadership. And I would like to know on the way to becoming your own boss, basically, because it was not always the case. You were a freelancer before. How was that journey? Was it easy for you whether challenges that were in between that you had to overcome? Can you tell us a little bit about that time in life? Yeah, so this was 2008. And it was was a huge mind shift set that needed mind shift, change that needed to happen? Huge. I knew nothing about business. I, you know, I really had to learn business skills and learn about marketing. And to be honest, in the beginning, I was still in a scarcity mindset. Like where I wanted to Have the clients and I needed to have the clients. And that really went against me. Because people can feel that, you know, we can feel when somebody needs your business. And there's, She's not in her service, she's not aligned. So it took a while. And you know, to be honest, one of the best advices, my one of my mentors gave me, he said, take a part time job, don't try and just do it all at once, ease yourself into it. So you do not ever need the money that your clients give you. And then really be in service. Yeah, so you have the feeling of abundance, that's what you need in order to give. So when we bring that all together in the here, and now what is your vision of being a publisher, and what is the mission that you're going for? So the vision is to really, I see myself and my publishing house as, as a bridge from the old world into the new world, from a world where, you know, the Piscean agents or the Aquarian Age if we want to put those labels in, but what that really means is from a world that is authoritarian driven, where we're being told what to do, to a world that is more horizontal, where every individual is more their inner authority. And so that inner authority, that about the sovereignty, that, that that's really my vision, to, to bring thought leaders together, who are sharing this vision of creating a world where everyone is listening to their own truth, where we are freed from fears, so that we can truly relate relate to one another. Because, you know, when we have all these layers of fears, that are that are protecting us, we cannot authentically relate to one another. And that's creating all the problems that we're seeing in relationships in, in business everywhere. So imagine a world where there is no fear, where everybody just trust their inner knowing, and act from that place. Because I know when I am in that place, magic happens synchronicities happen, everything just opens up, you know, when we're in that space of abundance, it's incredible. So that's what I want. That's what I want for the world. And my my mission, or is really Yeah, to my publishing house is I see it uniquely placed in that it brings together and awareness of personal development, and publishing. So it's not just about, okay, let's make you an author, you know, like a process driven thing as a whole experience. So that's your differentiation factor that differentiates you from other publishing houses. It's not only to publish a book, but it's really a personal development for your authors that you are bringing together. Exactly. It's an up levelling, and no matter where they're at, in their journey, whether they have been two years into their journey, or whether they're, you know, they're developed their own methodology, they're already really established, but it's stepping into their next level of their leadership. So it's, wherever they're at on their journey, it's about really claiming that next level, okay, so you're providing this environment for that? And what makes a difference bringing you into the whole setting of being a publisher. So what are you offering, with your unique characteristics with your unique personality to that group of people to the core? So what I'm offering is I'm bringing all of my background, all of my experience with me, and it's taken me a little while to figure out how do I do that. But what I saw with my VIP clients, I sit together with them, and we're talking about, okay, what is your chapter going to be about? Who are you in your essence? And what in relation to the theme? So for example, this next book is about the book that's coming out on Friday is about intuitive living, what in your own journey? What are the benchmarks, the important steps that have helped you to tap into your own intuitive living? And so I tease that out. And I asked them questions, and it literally sometimes turns into our coaching session where they make connections that they've never made before, simply because I have this ability to see the underlying patterns of people's lives, and to bring it together and to kind of bring it to the surface to crystallise it, and to share it with them so that they can then go away and write about that. And what always happens is the first draft that people write is about them. It's about them because they just need to show, let it out. And then the second draft we look at okay, so now write with your reader in mind, how has your story that you've now got out of your system? How is that really serving a reader? And which stories do we keep in which stories do we take out, too? to really highlight that message. And so I also bring, we have weekly meetings, also, where we create a sacred container for, for the contributors to come together and share their challenges, share their breakthroughs share their aha moments, and that enriches everyone's journey through this. And it's so beautiful. Sometimes I bring in guest speakers so we can, you know, experts on marketing experts on how do you get on podcasts? How do you get on? How do you how do you how do you write your own press releases, all of that is also included in the training in the in this programme. So it becomes just a really beautiful experience, because what I want is for them to have people coming into their programme. So it becomes a win win for everyone with the new clarity that they have around their messaging. I guess it's also beautiful to see how they are up levelling when they are going through this transition process of becoming an author or a multi book author and personal development that is happening at the same time. Exactly. And you know, what, in the in the previous book collaboration, I had a lady who wrote about collaboration with spirit, she felt very safe in collaboration with others with with self. But she, she knew that her path was to teach women about collaboration with spirit. And so she needed to walk her talk. And he said, Yes, I'll put myself out there as that. And what happened as a result in her life was that was challenged that she got the opportunity to really trust the co creation with spirit. And as a result, she she moved her family from Canada to Costa Rica, and started running retreats, then everything just opened up to her and everything came into flow. And and she really she said to me now crystal, I've uplevel my consciousness through this process. It's very. All right, so you are also the host of your own podcast called Soul leadership with Krystal Hill. So what can we expect from your podcasts? And why did you started? So the reason I started it was to provide an additional platform for the contributors of my books to become visible and an additional outlet to to help them on that journey. For me, it really is we're talking about awakening, how do we awaken? How do we empower humanity and how my guests are doing that in their own unique way. So that is that is the essence and of course, so leadership. For me, it's all about coming into alignment with who we truly are. And so we speak about that we speak about how do we how do we align to our soul? How do we turn inward and listen to the inner voice instead of try getting lost in the multiple contradicting voices of the external world? How can we truly align to our essence, so that as I said earlier, life can flow we can step into that zone of flow, where we did where everything just opens up for us. You have just started that bridge to my next question, because you said so beautifully, you have to be in alignment of who we truly are. And that brings me to my next question. You are a sole leadership coach, a retreat facilitator and the publisher and you are therefore also a woman thought leader. And you have this shining personal brain. I want to know from you now, what this term personal brain means to you. Hmm, really personal brand to me means it's an extension of my personality. It's, it's an externalisation of, of colours and and shapes and symbols, you know, through the logo of of who I am on the inside and it's just expanding, expanding that and I feel when I when I got my stylesheet with my colours and my my logo that's when I could really see the identity of the what i've what I've created what I want to express in the world. It's still a different to me, but it's so connected. It's just an extension of who I am. Yeah, the the tangible part of what you are, who you are, and what makes you as as a person that's so beautiful that you can translate that into attention book part of your personal identity, your brand identity through the logo through the colours through everything right Yeah. And in being in alignment with who we truly are as a means to be authentic, would you like to elaborate on that a little bit? So what it means to be authentic is not saying yes to everything and everyone. Always. Whoa, this is not in alignment with where I'm going. No, this is to this opportunity or whatever it is, is too much for me right now. I don't have energy for that. No, if I if I because as creatives especially we have so many ideas, we could take our businesses into so many different directions could do so many joint ventures, and it's really knowing what, where is this? What if one of the contributors in my book calls it? Hell? Yes. Living a hell yes. Life? You know, where is that? Hell yes. And if it's not a hell yes, then it's a no. And that's being authentic. And that's been true to who we are. That's beautiful. Yeah, hell yes. Is claiming your power is courageous. Stepping into it. That's hell yes. Do you have any helpful advice of how we can strengthen our personal brand claim that leadership is hell? Yes. Yeah, do I have any advice? It's, for me, what's really helping is to find moments in the day, especially in my morning, to be quiet, to just sit and be quiet and be still and to hear what is alive inside of me. And when I do that, I can hear my truth better. You know, we can I can know what is aligned to me. Is that was that the question? I think I, I think I hope I can answer it again. Yeah, it's really the stillness to know. And maybe in combination with writing a book, like a multi author book, can that in some way, enhance a personal brand? Do you have advice? Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for creating that bridge. For me. A multi author book definitely can enhance your personal brand. Because you're putting yourself out there, you're putting an essence and aspect of your story out there. Just like, you know, when we're doing a podcast, you people start to get to see you and get to know you and get to know your essence. And there are 1000s of people who can read, you know, these multi author books if we marketed properly and, and what I always believe in is that it's the right people will come the right people will see it. Because if when we are really clear in our messaging, we radiate that out, both energetically and through the practical tools of a book, which still I believe holds a lot of value. You know, being an international best selling author is something that still means something, it gives additional credibility in for with podcast hosts, but also in the media. And if people want to book you, as you know, for clients, they say, okay, she's established, she's done all of these things, or he's done all of these things, and this other person hasn't. So it actually really helps to bring people draw people into your world, I find. So when it comes to writing a book and someone wants to write a book, who are your clients that you are serving? Is there a specific target audience you like to work with? So who should approach you when they want to write a book? So it's the thought leaders who are working with human potential, it's the coaches, it's the healers. It's the holistic wellness practitioners, it's the conscious business coaches, it's, it's the professionals who do whatever they do, like even you know, even a branding expert can come to me, as long as there is a personal story, that that shows that you are really on path that you're really listening to, that you're really empowered in who you are, that you are live listening to your your guidance, because that's what I want. You know, that's, that's what it's all about is to inspire to awaken and empower humanity through whatever modality that is, you know, even artists as long as they can inspire us to come into our inner power. So it's basically people who are already living their true self who are already here who have built a personal brain to have Yeah, reflected on themselves and understood why they are Here on this earth, right? All right, good. So you're launching your book in February. That's your fourth book, would you like to tell us a little bit about this book? And there we are going to find it? Yeah, absolutely. So intuitive living a guide. It's a practical guide. For women who want to deeply trust themselves. It's launching Friday, February 4. And you can find it on Amazon and Kindle. And I'll be plastering the, the links to that all over social media on the day. So the links are not published yet, because it's not live yet it launches on next Friday. So that is the third book. And we have the absolute pleasure to have Dr. John Demartini, contributing a chapter into that book as well. So this is an incredible enrichment of the of what everybody is bringing into this book. So I'm super excited to launch that next Friday. And then I have the fourth book is currently, I'm inviting applications for that at the moment. It's a sequence to intuitive living, and it's called inspired living. And that's a guide to ignite joy, and prosperity. So, because when we're living in our intuition, when we when we know what we stand for, we can then then as I said, you know, inspiration comes and we create more and more joy in our life. And, and in return, that also brings abundance and prosperity. So I'm looking for the people who, again, as you said, who have walked that walk who who know their brand, but we are also aware, you know, it's a journey of transformation. And even those who are already got their brand and who already have reflected on their life, if they want to go to that next level in of their transformative formation, and step into that next level of their leadership, then this is a perfect book to do that with. Okay, wonderful. Yeah. And I think we are already towards the end of our show, Crystal and I would like to do a very quick word wrap with you. Are you ready to give me quick and short answers? Okay. Good. So I have to term consciousness for you. Expansion. Okay. Then. Flow and beauty. So leadership, alignment, and joy and brands, expression, expression. That's good. I love that. Chris, thank you so much. For listeners, how would they connect with you? Well, the best way to connect is through Facebook is where I am always on like Facebook Messenger is a great one, of course, on my website, Crystal, where they can find out more about both my coaching but also the books. Yeah. And there's many other channels, but I think it's best to just tell them go here, go to the website. And you can contact me through that or find me on Facebook. Absolutely. So I will put everything into the show notes. Great. Krystal, thank you so much for being my guest today on Brandstalk, it really was exciting to learn about how you share your wisdom with the world more powerfully, and to become kind of a conscious enterpreneur thank you so much, Krystal thank you as well. And that was my conversation with Krystal Hill. 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