How Can Inner Discovery Lead to Inclusive Cultures that Increase Productivity w/ Michelle Beauchamp

July 04, 2023 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 11 Episode 113
How Can Inner Discovery Lead to Inclusive Cultures that Increase Productivity w/ Michelle Beauchamp
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how inner discovery can transform workplaces and foster inclusivity while boosting productivity? 

Let's find out from the incredible Michelle Beauchamp, an expert in workplace communication, leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. With her extensive experience as a Sales Leader in Telecommunications and a successful entrepreneur, Michelle will share valuable insights and personal and professional growth strategies. 

During our discussion, we'll explore thought-provoking questions, including:

1️⃣ What are some strategies that drive personal and professional growth for leaders?

2️⃣ How does embracing diversity and inclusion impact our leadership?

3️⃣ What are the keys to building inclusive cultures that help us enrich relationships?

4️⃣ How can purpose unlock leadership potential?

5️⃣ How can we become more inclusive brands?


  • Discover the story behind Michelle's tagline, "Unleash your inner champ." 
  • Gain valuable tips on creating and sustaining your own brand while engaging others and maintaining consistency. 


Michelle Beauchamp, CEO of The Champ Group, is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer on the John Maxwell team. 

Michelle’s 25 years in Corporate America as a Sales Leader in Telecommunications, combined with her 12 + years as an entrepreneur, has equipped her to help others explore their strengths, improve areas of weakness and through a journey of inner discovery, create and lead inclusive cultures that enrich relationships and increase productivity. A member of eSpeakers, she is also licensed in the Everybody at the Table DEI content, and FOR, the program that helps clients identify their purpose and practice to build customer, team, and community excellence.  A member of Connected Women of Influence, Michelle volunteers as an SUE (Successful Unstoppable Empowered) Talk Coach to guide others to craft and deliver memorized talks. 

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