Doer to a Leader – Morph into Your Leadership Brand in Corporate America w/ Stephanie Weiss

August 08, 2023 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 11 Episode 118
Doer to a Leader – Morph into Your Leadership Brand in Corporate America w/ Stephanie Weiss
Show Notes

Are you ready to unlock the leader within you and become the boss you always wished you had? 

In this captivating episode of BrandsTalk, we sit down with Stephanie Weiss, founder of the Empowered Leaders™ Academy, as she reveals the secrets to transforming from a doer to a confident and influential leader in the corporate world.

Join us as we explore Stephanie's inspiring journey, the powerful connection between leadership and branding, and discover how you can take center stage in your leadership role while making a lasting impact on your company's brand image. 

Discover the keys to morphing into a leadership brand in the corporate landscape and learn how to be the leader we wish we had!

In this episode, we tackle these intriguing questions:

  • What motivated Stephanie to take the bold step of becoming an entrepreneur and establishing the Empowered Leaders Academy while still thriving in Corporate America?
  • How has branding played a crucial role in Stephanie's journey of transitioning from a doer to a leader? What sets her apart as a leadership coach amidst the sea of competition?
  • Why does Stephanie focus on guiding and empowering newer corporate and emerging leaders? What inspired her to take on the mission of helping others "Become the Boss You Wish You Had - a Leader"?
  • Stephanie introduces the concept of leaders being "on stage." How does this concept relate to a company's branding, and how can leaders integrate it into their leadership styles to create a lasting impact?

With Stephanie's expert guidance, you'll learn three actionable pieces of advice to help you morph into your leadership brand and thrive as a leader in the ever-evolving corporate landscape. 

Stephanie Weiss has a wealth of experience mentoring and developing leaders across diverse industries, from scientific research to sales and marketing. Her passion for guiding new and emerging leaders to success shines through as she shares invaluable insights and wisdom on this exhilarating journey.

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