Crafting a Memorable Brand Identity: The Evolution of The Breakthrough Show Network w/ Jessica Dugas

October 24, 2023 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 12 Episode 124
Crafting a Memorable Brand Identity: The Evolution of The Breakthrough Show Network w/ Jessica Dugas
Show Notes

Have you ever felt the struggle of finding your unique brand identity?
Are you curious about the evolution of successful brands and the stories behind them?

Join us in this episode of BrandsTalk as we unravel the captivating story of Jessica Dugas and The Breakthrough Show Network.

Jessica takes us on a journey through the intricacies of personal branding, logo design, and the delicate balance between life and entrepreneurship.

The Episode Highlights:

  •  The Importance of Personal Branding: Jessica shares insights on why a personal touch is integral to successful branding.
  • Logo Crafting Journey: Delve into the creative process behind The Breakthrough Show Network's logo and the inspiration driving its design.
  • The Future of Branding: Explore Jessica's perspective on the potential changes to The Breakthrough Show Network's logo and how it aligns with the brand's evolution. 
  • Balancing Life and Passion in Entrepreneurship: Gain practical advice on maintaining balance as a devoted wife, homeschooling mom of six, and a thriving entrepreneur.
  • Multi-Passionate Approach to Branding: Discover how Jessica's diverse interests and skills come together to create a transformative experience for clients and fans.

Unlock the secrets to crafting a truly memorable brand identity that evolves with time. Don't miss the inspiration and practical advice shared by Jessica Dugas on this captivating episode!

Jessica Dugas is an Intuitive Mentor & Inspirational Entertainer, International Best Selling author, and the creator of The Breakthrough Show Network. Her multi-passionate approach to entrepreneurship brings together coaching skills, endless creativity, authentic intuition, a sense of humor, and an entertaining on-screen presence, resulting in a unique and transformative experience for her clients and fans alike. 

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