Overcoming Overwhelm: Steps to Prioritize Your Brand as a Mompreneur w/ Mahnaz Sharif

November 07, 2023 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 12 Episode 125
Overcoming Overwhelm: Steps to Prioritize Your Brand as a Mompreneur w/ Mahnaz Sharif
Show Notes

Mompreneurs, do you find yourself caught in the never-ending struggle with overwhelming to-do lists and the desire to prioritize your brand amidst family needs?

Mahnaz shares her personal journey from overwhelm to empowerment, introducing the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Blueprint as a solution for moms balancing family, business, and personal brand aspirations.

We dive deep into 

  • the challenges faced by mompreneurs 
  • the critical concept of "working ON your business" 
  • the intersection of executive presence and personal branding, emphasizing the role of permission, priorities, and productivity.
  • the practical strategies from the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Blueprint that go beyond business, aiming to bring joy and clarity to both personal and professional life.

Mahnaz provides actionable steps for mompreneurs to regain control of their time and energy.

Mahnaz empowers Mums whose business dreams are buried under family needs. Most mums know the feeling of being sandwiched between what their family needs from them, and the business they want to create.

Through overcoming her own challenges, Mahnaz developed the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Blueprint crafted especially for Mums to avoid the struggle with juggling. It’s not just about business but also about joy and real focus in both personal and professional life.

With a degree in mathematics and 20 years of experience as an analyst, Mahnaz is a Mum of two teens, a strategic business architect, and the Founder of the “Build with Boundaries Podcast” - her clients learn to work in harmony, respect their time and energy so they can carve out time for them, their life, their family and their business!

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