Branding Vs Marketing: Setting The Record Straight w/ Brigitte Bojkowszky

January 02, 2024 Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 13 Episode 131
Branding Vs Marketing: Setting The Record Straight w/ Brigitte Bojkowszky
Show Notes

In this LinkedIn Live session, Audrey Grabesic from Offsite Dirt, chats with Brigitte Bojkowszky, a global and personal brand identity strategist, about the critical distinction between branding and marketing. 

Brigitte explains that while marketing entails delivering a message about a product or service, branding is about shaping how others perceive you or your company. 

She highlights that a company's brand is one of the most important investments it can make, as it creates an identity that can elicit feelings from customers and lead to long-term loyalty. 

The session also delves into how to build a brand, the importance of understanding one's own brand, and the necessity of aligning personal and organizational values for a healthy company culture.

Detailed Content:

This LinkedInLive navigates various analogies and examples to explain the diverse concepts and intricacies related to branding and marketing. Furthermore, the discussion hones in on the difference between branding and marketing, and the importance of having a clear brand identity to create an aligned image before delving into marketing strategies.
 00:59 Introduction to Branding and Marketing
 01:47 Starting the Conversation: LinkedIn Live
 02:49 Understanding Brand Identity: Interactive Session
 04:02 Sharing Personal Experiences with Brands
 05:38 Exploring Negative Brand Experiences
 08:20 Decoding the Mysteries of Branding
 11:05 The Power of Brand Colors and Logos
 13:47 Bridget's Journey: From Flight Attendant to Brand Strategist
 24:07 The Importance of Brand Feelings and Experiences
 27:09 Branding vs Marketing: Defining the Difference
 28:20 Understanding Different Marketing Channels
 29:05 The Importance of Branding in Marketing
 29:37 The Role of Personality in Branding
 29:56 The Process of Brand Building
 31:06 Brand Identity vs Brand Image
 35:26 The Importance of Brand Alignment
 36:12 The Impact of External Influences on Branding
 36:52 The Role of Personal Branding in Business
 37:42 The Iterative Process of Branding
 40:11 The Importance of Employee Branding
 40:14 The Services Offered by Bridget Brands

49:07 The Role of Branding in Construction Services
 53:42 The Importance of Starting Early with Branding

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