Crafting Legacy Businesses: Wisdom from a Visionary Leader w/ Elona Lopari

January 16, 2024 Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 13 Episode 132
Crafting Legacy Businesses: Wisdom from a Visionary Leader w/ Elona Lopari
Show Notes

What drives you more – the pain of missed opportunities or the desire to create a lasting impact?

In this episode, we delve into the world of visionary leadership with a focus on crafting legacy businesses. 

Elona Lopari, Visionary CEO of The Life School, shares her transformative journey from a Fortune 500 background to becoming a heart-driven entrepreneur.

·      Discover the essence of inner alignment in leadership and how it forms the cornerstone of purpose-driven businesses.

·      Explore the secrets behind effective branding, marketing, and sales strategies that maximize impact and income for visionary leaders.

·      Uncover the importance of building a strong and aligned team for long-term success in any business venture. 

Listen as Elona Lopari provides a roadmap for heart-driven service-based entrepreneurs, drawing from her vast experience as a community builder, people connector, and bestselling author.

Elona is the Visionary CEO of The Life School, Speaker, Best Selling Author of numerous books, and Show and Speaking Events Organizer to an audience of over 30,000 heart-driven service-based entrepreneurs and corporations. She is both a servant community builder and a people connector.  She is a Prior Fortune 500 CEO also Featured in Disrupt, NY Weekly, Business Insider, CEO Weekly, The Business News & Famous Times. Her mission is to help Visionary Leaders grow legacy purpose-driven businesses through Inner Alignment, Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Team so that they can maximize their Impact and Income to do more good in the world.

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