How to redesign your life w/Eileen Carlucci

January 18, 2022 Brigitte Bojkowszky Season 5 Episode 57
How to redesign your life w/Eileen Carlucci
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"Being in the present and creating beauty in your day." - Eileen Carlucci

If you feel you are struggling with a closet that you don't know where to start to get organized and you know you have some nice pieces but are not sure how to put them together Eileen Carlucci can help you.

In this episode I'm in conversation with Eileen Carlucci,  a Redesign Your Life and Empowerment Coach. She is committed to helping women worldwide to ignite a new spark, make their epic dreams come true and help them create an uncomplicated plan to make their goals a priority and an action plan to get them there.

Eileen works with women in a 3-step approach and puts the focus is on these “Own Who You Are Areas”: 

  • Mindset Reset
  • Makeover Your Wardrobe 
  • Design A Luxury Lifestyle

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Ready for brand stories get inspired and learn from thought leaders, CEOs, business owners, and managers who tell their brand stories who share their valuable insights from their own experience. Welcome to BrandsTalk. I'm your host Brigitte. For brand lovers this show is to help you develop and grow your brand in a more strategic and sustainable way. What the talk let's get started and dive with me into the world of brands. I have a question for you. Are you in a phase of your life where so many changes are happening all at once. You sometimes feel overwhelmed by and you wish there would be some best practice out there that helps you overcome that phase much more easily. Something that helps you get to the other side where you're experiencing a life of joy and happiness. Where you have rediscovered Your Magnificence. Then you are right here on today's Friendster episode. With my amazing and valued guests. Eileen Carlucci. She is a redesign your life and empowerment coach. She is committed to helping women worldwide to ignite a new spark. Make your epic dreams come true and help them create an uncomplicated plan to make their goals and priority and an action plan to get them there. I warmly welcome Eileen Carlucci. Welcome to BrandsTalk. That was beautiful. Thank you for that lovely introduction and for having me. I so appreciate the warm and beautiful welcome and to be here on your show today. And hello, everyone. Nice to meet you. Hello, though. Glad to have you. I'm really excited to have you as my guest today. Eileen, you're an inspiring and strong woman and you are doing amazing things. So let's start at the beginning. Can you tell us a little bit about your background about your journey that brought you right here where you are now? Definitely. So really what brought me to be Eileen Carlucci redesign your life coach was my midlife reinvention. So about I'd say about seven years ago, I honestly was in the worst place of my life. I felt like I had lost my identity. I found myself suddenly separate. I was married for 25 years. I you know, my dad was terminally ill I had my daughter was going off to college. And it as the year progressed, you know, I got divorced. My dad passed away, my daughter went off to college, and write it you know, soon after my son went off to college, and then I lost my dog. And I was going back into the workforce feeling so disempowered because I was home many years with my children working part time, and I had really felt like what have I done to myself, my skill set was horrible. So I did, I did get a job. I was really excited about that. But I just honestly was I couldn't adjust to this newfound. So being single and the kids weren't home, coming home to an empty house. And one day I came home and I was just like, You know what, I'm sick for myself a pity party. And that night, I signed up for a personal growth and development seminar. And I didn't look back and I decided this is a golden opportunity to reinvent myself and design a whole new future. And I did it and that was it. And I could tell you where I went from there. But that's kind of how I got started in this whole thing. Right? So Wow. So how did you go from that face in your life to become your own boss? So how was that transition? How was it for you? And what are you doing now? Exactly. Okay. So at that time, you know, I really helped having I always say to everyone, invest in yourself, get a coach, get a mentor, you know, sign up for programmes it really changed my whole life. And like I had a lot of stories about myself and things I made up about that were not the truth, but it took a little brain rewiring, that's what I do with my clients to really get a newfound confidence. And so really what you know, as I was I said, You know what, I Oh, now I was getting more and more confident with the training and I was designing a whole new life like I went into my closet and mixed and matched and repurpose my clothing and actually added some pieces to my wardrobe. And I also like that I was just having the best time designing my life I went in all around my house. Some rooms I totally redid and others I want to spend the money I just repurposed and threw pillows in different areas and candles here and I just really created everything new socially. I was going out more. And during my training and you know, had this new job it was my skill set was getting better. And so then I just said to myself, You know what I there's a, as I'm really enjoying this whole designing this whole new life. I said, I'm gonna, I really wanted to host empowering events for women, and I did it. So I hosted a divorce event. And after the event, two women came up to me, and they're like, that was fabulous. I loved all your guests. I feel so empowered, thank you for sharing your story. One of the ladies I started to coach on this side, because I had already been through the divorce process. And, you know, make a long story short, that was my aha moment. Like, okay, this I found my passion and purpose. It's really to help women who are kind of in that transition period, and not a great time in their life, like I had been to kind of design this new future like I was doing. So from there, I hosted event after event after event, and I was starting to speak, you know, at other events or, you know, organisations and then 2018, I went all in and I left my job, and I'm like, Alright, I'm doing this full time coach, and I haven't looked back since. So it's been an amazing journey. Really? Wow, that sounds great. So it was such a bold step, and really taking the courage and going forward no matter what, yeah. So Eileen, you work with them, and you're sad, and you work with them in a three step approach. And to focus is on this own? Who you are areas. So yeah, mindset reset, and then talk about make over your wardrobe. This is also one of the specific offers, I guess it's about the question whether the clothes in your closet still represent the life you live, or you want to live. Because I think many of us have had half the challenge to really know their signature style, or build their wardrobe they love with the clothes they already own, and how to maybe style for the spotlight. And then yeah, also design your luxury life. Whatever you define as your luxury life. So can you go a little bit deeper into into these own who you are areas? I would love to learn more? I think your audience? Yeah, yeah. So this is, and this is, you know, I did do have different programmes, my signature programme, this is it like this is if you really want to redesign your life, this is what I did. And the first thing is you, anytime you want to elevate your life to the next level, or you're kind of stuck, and you don't know, I honestly, the first thing, like I said before, is the RE tweaking the rewiring, is when you want to go to the next level, you really have to think differently. So what I do is we kind of really get present to your inner child, one, at one point in your life, did you make yourself you know, like, at some point in your life, as a child, we make up stories, or we have labels put on us and we make it to be true. Sometimes we don't even realise we're currently you know, and then we convince everyone like, well, I'm so slow at this, or I can't do that, or whatever. And then we just convinced ourselves, right? So really, I really work with women to totally give that up, really be powerful in their language. Like whatever they say, you know, I'm bold and unstoppable. That's how life goes for them. Right. And that's who they are. So it's like the old stories and the dialogue like we really kind of there's, I teach them practices, how to get rid of that quickly, and really believe of themselves and go after their dreams. So that's, you know, we spend a lot of time on that. And then with other people like with relationships and how to you know how to be powerful and effective communicator really makes a difference, whatever you want to create in your life. Next step, you know, after and we really kind of do this the whole six months, but that's where we start. And then we get into the whole you know, makeover your wardrobe. And what's different about what I do is we use what's already in their closet. So we it's like going shopping in your own closet, I'll say okay, and I do this all on Zoom, I was going into the homes before the pandemic I kind of created this my first year in business and now it's all and I'll say that say to the woman, you know, have 10 core pieces, your favourite 10 core pieces that are really easy to mix and match things with. And then we go from there and I'm telling you, we create all different kinds of looks will take out the shoes and the handbags and the jewellery and the scarves and the hats. And women are stunned like I never would have put that with that in a million years because I see everything with new eyes. So they they learn to never have to wear that same outfit the same way again. So each look is like their own runway. Right? You creative right? And I do a little post like this on my social media like I wear this outfit two years ago. Sometimes we don't want to wear a dress over again. Right. Well if you change out the hairstyle, the jewellery, the purse, the shoes, you got a whole different look no one even know you have the same dress on. So just be really being creative, like what can I create today, right? And when you know you're taking your life to the next level, you kind of want to you know, really got to have your your wardrobe go with you to that next level. So I will say, Okay, this is what I see what's missing, and I make a wish list to fill the gaps. Like maybe you're missing a blazer or pair of ballet flats or whatever so and then the last step is the lifestyle. And this is like and when I say luxury, I mean honestly, you can create a luxury no matter how much money you have, you don't have to be a millionaire. Because we all have some pretties around our house and it's just using it taking out that beautiful vase that your coffee was your grandmother's and putting flowers in it. You know putting on your beautiful silk robe in the morning and going down and making yourself an amazing biscotti or fruit there's my dog barking I'm so sorry. Can you hear her? There's yes man Allen time sorry. So anyway, so you know and then just you know, when you go to get dressed in the morning, you know, wear your jewellery or you know, just really create beauty and everyday create beauty with yourself. I know yes, we have our days. But you know that maybe when you have one of those days, take the time to make a nice hot bath with your candles go take a mindful walk you know just like just really embrace beauty every day you know pamper yourself use your fine china right make a nice dinner with your fine china so and then and then what we also go through money mindset I do, you know, we get the same thing as the stories that you make up about yourself we have a lot of stories about money, right, that whole hold us back and and a bucket list. And with the bucket list it's like we kind of say alright, this in six months time this is where we're going to be that's already like done. So this is what we're going to work on these six months. And what on your bucket list you want to do in these six months or at least get it on the calendar as it's you know, so it's really powerful technology that we use to get all the goals accomplished and not in you know over complicating things right so wow, they sound very wise and helpful steps. So to get up back to the wardrobe Can you give us let's say three wardrobe reset and refresh tip like how to extend match and to repurpose things that we already have for us and that we can put into action right away? Yeah, yeah. Well, I always tell women like you know, just do a closet audit and see what you have. And if you have the time I would suggest colour coding your pieces and making sure you know what you have. This way you're not running out to the store like I have a party tonight. I don't know I have nothing to wear. You know what you have and like thinking how what can I create with what I have already you'll you'll guarantee you'll find something right so sometimes even just starting with the plain stuff like black and white having those like say a black pair of pants or black white or blue jeans, or a black pair of pants white pair of pants is totally fine to wear white in the winter. And then like building from there right like what kind of jackets Can I wear or what kind of scarf like or say if you have a dress like you know last time I wear this dress i were you know a nice necklace. I'm going to change out the scarf or I'm going to put a belt on instead right? You know this time of year like it's fun like say for a party you can be pretty you know even if you're not like really dressed just putting like a cocktail ring on. Or you know long on rhinestone earrings can really up level an outfit. Taking it be Joel clutch right because sometimes all those that formal wear, I saw women I know we're not a lot of us aren't doing the formal wear like we did. You know some people have weddings or whatever. You could take the you know the fancy purse and the jewellery and still wear it like say with a nice white silk blouse. Where you're nice Why not right kind of mix and match that you know you can take the more casual stuff with the dressy stuff. Another way as always you can add a brooch I know they sound seem old fashioned but I had a gown once I put a brooch and it made the whole dress I'm not even kidding. hair accessories. You know try some fun makeup with the the glitter eyeliners really great now it's just honestly it's just doing little things can make your wardrobe just really pop and really you know complete an outfit. What else was I going to share? Yeah, little black dresses are always great to have because you could do like I said the belt the scarf the jacket to wear boots, you can wear heels. Black and white t shirts are great. You could do so much put like a, or a turtleneck, a white fuzzy furry vest, right? Imagine just taking up a black turtleneck and putting a white furry vest on or a beautiful scarf with some glitter in it. You know, it's even a jumpsuit. jumpsuits are great like to have one or two jumpsuit, you can do so much with those, change up the jewellery change up the shoes, you know, wear a fun hat, like a bedarra. Or you know what I mean? Like, there's just so much you can do. And I always say like, make sure you know, if you're like for a work party, you know, and it depends if it's a company where they're very young, you know, the dress code may be a little different. But I always say like, go with black, because sometimes black, it's just very elegant, it's classy, you know, then you can kind of just add your little jewels or your cute pumps or whatever and wear a nice coat. I always say to women invest in a nice coat. It's always great to have sometimes I'll see a woman in a beautiful dress, and they'll have like, you know, a puffer jacket on. I'm like, oh, you know, just just invest in that nice polo, even a pea coat or camel coat or something. So yeah, I think also having the right wardrobe is a noun and varying decor that you really like it makes you feel happy, you feel comfortable. And it also increases your confidence. And wow, that's very much to do also when it comes to personal branding, because the way of how we do ourselves to the world, is we create a certain image in the market. And that's how people perceive us and the way we how we show ourselves to the world is we how we dress. And what do you think I lean? How does the wardrobe the way we outracing our mouths tie into personal branding, I'll say like for me because my brands like I think of my brand I think glamour just because I always love glamour, I was in show business, I was a professional dancer and I learned all the tricks like the the eyelashes and you know how it went you know wearing wigs and all the costumes and so for me like that's my whole brand is around creating beauty and your surroundings in your home and your flowers. And I I love to dress no matter where I go, I get a little bit dressed, even if it's casual, I always make sure I have my makeup on I I love to wear a great outfit, even if it's casual wear my earrings. And so I just think like for me, you know, that's that's how that's my brand is really bringing you know that the glamour into it and just really owning my femininity. And I think that's what a lot of women love that like I like I you know, and everyone has a different style, I totally get it some people's idea of glamour is totally different than someone else's. But really like just being authentic to you like being yourself, dressing in your own style. And just like owning it, right? Because when you're yourself and you're comfortable in your own skin, like people really get that right. So that's what I get with the personal brand. This authenticity. Right? Absolutely. Because your authenticity shines through. Yeah, yeah. Do you have any mindset tips that help us to be more authentic to be more our true self that allows us to shine in that intensity? Yes, I do. Okay, so one, I was just gonna say, I would jot down on paper, any stories that you made up about yourself from long ago, that aren't the truth that are holding you back, because that will move you will be able to move mountains once you get past those blocks. And just realise that it's not the truth and create some new powerful words about yourself, you know, like, you're fearless or you know, you know, just because that old dialogue just won't work when you're ready to design the new, you know, the new you right? And design that new life. And I also was gonna say staying in the present moment. Like, sometimes we you know, so sometimes I hear this with women going through the divorce process or recently divorced, there's a lot of complaints about the ex husband. And like, that's already the past cannot be changed. Yeah, like maybe you need to get have a conversation or some kind of Completion with that. And I actually help people do that. But like, it's not going to it's, it's going to just drag you down, and you're not going to be present or be able to create the new if you're, you know, being mad at someone or making somebody wrong or just just weighs on you or worrying too much into the future. I mean, I'm a planner and that's part of my what I do with with mindset and goal setting. But I also like just be present because whatever you do today is going to help you tomorrow. Create that beauty In your day, like enjoy the day like we it's like a gift, we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. It's like a gift. So to waste a day thinking about someone that did you wrong a year ago, or about what if this doesn't happen, or that just really is wasted time. So enjoy the day enjoy people, you know, and just like just the beauty and having a conversation with a friend. And you know, just enjoy crepe beauty, enjoy it, and you get to create your day, even an anything can get created in a conversation with someone as well. So there's so many opportunities every time you speak to someone, think of like, what can I create in this conversation, right? Like, sometimes job, you know, maybe a job opportunity comes out of it or a travel or a fun event, you get invited to write or just maybe get to, if you were in a great place with someone, you get to resolve something. So those are the three things just you know, write down all the labels that you made up about yourself, and say that's it, I'm not taking this on anymore. Being in the present and creating beauty in your day. Yeah, so I'm learning everything that we have been conditioned. And this or reframing this limiting beliefs into really into empowering beliefs. And being in the here and now and really experiencing and being mindful and conscious. What you're doing right now, instead of thinking about all the different kinds of scenarios, what's gonna come in the future. Because it's self talk that it might never happen. So you can act in the here and now. Good. So I lean you are also the author of an upcoming book. Your new life starts now. It's this story, invent yourself and live your most fabulous life after 40. So what you're going to write this book in the first place, so Okay, so during, you know, I was really only a little over a year in full time, like i Yes, I started doing events about five years ago. But full 2019 is like a 2018 was when I launched it. And then 2019 was the first year. So here I have all the stuff planned early 2020 Events, and I'm speaking I'm gonna have my own events and this pandemic hits and I was, I have like, I don't even know what to do. I've old like, pull all this planned. How do I transition even my wardrobe online. And so I wound up getting invited to this world summit. I met my publisher on the summit, he was speaking he's so powerful. He's in New York, top 10 Best Selling Author, and he had a book programme. And I decided I'm going to go in this programme on a write a book. So I joined the programme. It's amazing. And I started on the book. So that's how I started but the thing was, I wrote this book, it was called your new life starts now. Seven Steps to thrive after divorce. I was almost done the summer with the whole entire book, like complete. And I thought to myself, I just I don't know why don't want to just write a divorce book. Uh, yes, I could definitely help with any woman redesign their life. So I changed it. So I kind of had to revise the whole book. A lot of that I could keep right but it's now the book is and this subtitle might change but it's your new life starts now. Seven Steps to reinvent yourself and live your most fabulous life over 40. So that, like so many women could get access to this right? They don't just have to be divorced. So and it will be launching in April 2022. So I'm so excited. Yeah. So that's how I got to writing the book. That was like my little pandemic project, right? Oh, like great project to put out. Yeah, and I'm so excited and it's coming out in April, as I'm gonna be the first one to perform good. So before we finalise So, we are coming towards to the end of the show. I would love to do a word wrap with you. Are you ready? Give me we can show that service comes to wardrobe. The glamour elegance, good mindset, unstoppable and then they make it happen magnificence authenticity, great and brands. Who You Are you say you are in the world like when you walk into the room everybody knows who you are. Exactly. Good. I lean for listeners who would like to find out more about you Where can they find you? Where can they reach you? Oh yeah, so I think I provided you the link tree if not I will do it after this but I have my link tree it has like how to contact me as my website has my I've a really great Facebook group called Create a life you love. Yeah. Yeah, has everything on there and that has the website you'll see Get the book images. Yeah, everything's there because you can pre order the book. And, uh, yeah, I think that's probably the easiest way. But I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, all of that. So, okay, gonna be in the show notes. So I mean, thank you so much for being my guest today. I'm friends talk. Thank you for the water breeze set and refresh tips and for inspiring us in all these ways of how to reset our lives and rediscover our magnificence. Thank you so much, Eileen. Thank you so much. I so appreciate you having me. Really, this has been a true pleasure. Hi, everyone. Hi, everyone. And that was my conversation with Eileen Carlucci. If you like my show, head over to and sign up for my newsletter to never miss an episode. I look forward to welcoming you in my community. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my BrandsTalk podcast on your preferred app. share it on social media and if you find a minute or two, leave it quick rating or review. Thank you so much. I hope you will stay tuned in on the next episode when we dive into the world of brands.